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Why Heat with Natural Gas?

Safe, Reliable, Economical

By switching to natural gas you could save 20-30% on your heating costs. Natural gas is piped underground, abundant, and domestically produced.

  • Safe - cleanest burning fossil fuel
  • Affordable and professional installation
  • Pay only for the gas you use
  • Eye pleasing - no bulky tanks

Natural Gas Savings Calculator

calculator2.pngCalculate what you can save annually on average by switching to natural gas using our natural gas savings calculator.

Facility Charge

The monthly minimum charge is called a Facility Charge. For residential customers, this charge is $10. For small commercial customers, this charge is $20


Smell gas? Call us right away!

If you smell gas, have everyone leave the building and use a neighbor’s phone to call us at (888) 295-8976. We will investigate at no charge to you.

More safety information →

Sign up for natural gas, refer a friend, and you both earn a $30 bill credit! Learn more about our Referral Rewards program.

Call us at (866) 367-5732 or request more information below.

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Safety is our Priority!

As a trusted natural gas supplier, we take steps to protect the safety of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.