Convert & Save


How Do I Make the Switch?

Making the switch to natural gas is easy; simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Give us a call - We are here to make your conversion to natural gas as easy as possible. Call us toll-free at (866) 367-5732. We will schedule an appointment for you to meet with our gas technician who will design your service and answer any questions.
  • Contact a plumbing and heating contractor - You will want to get a quote(s) on the cost to convert or buy new appliances and test your inside lines. Use this list of qualified local HVAC contractors to find a contractor near you. Don't wait to get started on your conversions, you can do them now!
  • Locate private utilities - Be ready to point out any private utilities such as propane lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, invisible dog fences, or sprinkler systems. Refer to this list of local contractors who can locate your private utilities.
  • Contact your current fuel supplier - If you are currently heating with propane and want to switch to natural gas, contact your supplier and ask about their pump out and removal process.


LRES Natural Gas  

Rate Name Facility Charge $/Month Total Rate $/therm LP Equivalent   Fuel Oil Equivalent
Residential $10.00 $1.12 at $1.02/gal at $1.55/gal
Small Commercial $10.00 $1.12 at $1.02/gal   at $1.55/gal
Large Commercial* $45.00 $0.92 at $0.84/gal  
Large Commercial - Interruptible* $50.00 $0.81 at $0.74/gal  

*Note: Rate name may vary on bill.