Posted by admin on March 1, 2018

Did I Save Money?

Now that you’ve made the switch to natural gas, you may be wondering just how much you are saving on your monthly bill. The table below compares the average LRES residential natural gas bill (including the meter charge) for December, January, and February against an equivalent propane energy volume at a cash price of $1.59 per gallon – a low cash price available locally during those months.


Average Monthly Usage



159 gallons


Natural Gas

145 therms


Average Monthly Savings 


Total Savings per Customer for December, January, and February



While propane may be purchased at a summer price or under an early season contract at lower cost, propane would still need to be purchased at less than $1.08 per gallon to beat our LRES natural gas rate this winter. LRES natural gas is competitively priced and a solid value.