Frequently Asked Questions

How do your rates compare to propane?

Historically, the average all-in cost per therm, including the $10 facility charge, has been $1.19/therm – the equivalent of $1.09/gallon propane.

How much does it cost to convert my home from propane to gas?

Quotes can vary because every home is different, and so are contractors; so we recommend you get quotes from two qualified and reputable HVAC contractors. With a fair and competitively priced conversion, homeowners will see significant savings over time when switching to natural gas. Feel free to ask us for an estimate of the payback.

Does LRES provide assistance with conversions?

LRES offers EASY-PAYon-bill financing to help homeowners cover the cost of basic conversions. We offer financing of up to $1,500 at 0% interest over 3 years and its just added to your monthly gas bill. The savings realized by LRES customers has averaged over $60 per month versus cash propane prices. These kinds of savings exceed the monthly finance amount and still lower monthly heating costs.

How do your rates work? 

The LRES rate structure includes three components: Facility Charge, the Cost of Gas, and the Commodity Cost Adjustment. 


What are excess flow valves and does LRES install them?

Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) work like an electric circuit breaker and automatically shut off or significantly reduce the flow of gas when the service line is broken or severed. By design, every residential service line on the LRES system has an EFV installed underground where the gas service line joins the gas main. There is no charge to you for their installation.

What are the costs associated with getting natural gas from LRES?

For new service installations that are full-time (will heat in the winter with natural gas) and within 100ft of the gas main, there is a $500 fee. For new service installations that are seasonal (will not heat in the winter with natural gas) and within 100ft of the gas main, there is a $1,034 fee. For any new service beyond 100ft, there is an additional $2.00 per foot plowing fee and a $11.00 per foot boring fee. Charging for additional piping over 100 feet keeps system investment costs lower so we provide low and stable rates. If you are interested in natural gas, request a site visit by filling out our no obligation service application, and an LRES representative will determine what is needed for your property and will give you an accurate estimate.

Is natural gas a good value?

Over the last winter, the all in cost of natural gas (including the $10 Facility Charge) on the average monthly LRES bill was the equivalent of $1.09/gallon propane. LRES customers saved 30% or more compared to cash propane prices. Historically, natural gas prices have been lower and more stable than other fuels. Choose natural gas and enjoy summer fill pricing all winter long!