Parkers Prairie Natural Gas

Lake Region Energy Services offers consumers in Parkers Prairie a better way to take control of their home energy costs by bringing natural gas directly to their homes and businesses.

We provide competitive natural gas rates that help residential and business customers plan their budget with confidence and protect themselves from the shifting prices of propane.

Pipeline Map

See our coverage in your area by zooming in and out of the map of our pipline below. (yellow: existing pipeline, blue: planned contruction).

Natural Gas Service is Safe, Convenient, and Affordable

Affordability – Historically, natural gas prices have been more stable and lower priced than other home heating fuels.  We like to say, “Choose natural gas and enjoy summer fill pricing all winter long.” Last winter, the all in cost of natural gas (including the $10 Monthly Charge) was the equivalent of $1.12 per gallon propane and customers saved 30% or more.

Convenience – Natural gas is always available. You are billed monthly, and only for the gas you actually used. You’ll find that heating with natural gas and doing business with LRES is convenient and easy!

Safety is designed into the LRES system – Every residential service line has an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) installed underground where the gas service line joins the gas main. EFVs work like a circuit breaker automatically shutting off the gas when the flow exceeds design limits due to a dig in or other cause.